Co-curricular activities

The school believes in bringing forth an education which will not only be an ongoing process of improving knowledge and skills, but will also bring about personal development and build relationships among individuals, groups and nations. Building a wholesome personality of the child thus becomes the sole aim of the school, which is achieved through an intensive program of well planned cocurricular activities. Training in performing arts, fine arts, games and sports along with oratory and analytical skills become the focus. Students are exposed to a variety of self developmental activities like sewing, home management, public speaking, art & craft, quizzing etc.

Mantra to Fitness & Discipline

Youngsters need a structured games programme as part of their school day. At N.P.I.S children are encouraged to learn to play a variety of team games and individual sports. To keep the body fit and fine school provides many indoor and outdoor games like Carom, Chess, Athletics, Cricket, Badminton, etc. Basketball, Table Tennis. We will have a gymnasium, swimming pool, play field and a pitch with specialist teaching staff to ensure that the needs of every child are catered to. Games & sports installing values and discipline of life.

Infrastructure & Facilities

At N.P.I.S care is taken to provide a truly enriching environment, an environment that contributes to the overall development of each student, an environment that nourishes over talents and brings out latent ones. A modern building houses class room, labs, audio visual facilities and all that is needed to provide a good learning experience.

Class Rooms

Well-ventilated classrooms have all the necessary equipment for day-to-day educational pursuits, with comfortable seating arrangement for students. The furniture size varies according to the student's age. It is not only attractive but is also non-toxic. NIPS E- Learning a new approach to class room learning


“Reading is a pre requisite of knowledge”. To facilitate this universal truth, the school has a spacious library which has a precious collection of books and reference material on a wide range of subjects. A large number of magazines, encyclopedias, periodicals and newspapers are also subscribed to update our students along with a generous collection of fiction and general books. The Library caters to the whole school community & is a place for quiet work & reading for all.
The school library is on a rapid and consistent path of expression & development. Our library helps to fulfills learning and research requirements of teachers and students of the school.

Transport Facility

The school has an efficient bus service. These buses bring children from near and far localities All N.P.I.S buses are equipped with mobile phones.

Music Lab

Teaching musical notes of the soual by fun & recreation

Multipurpose Hall

Installing scientific temper & learning by doing.

Art Room:

Exploring hidden talents, taking out by struggle and effort and thought.

Computer Lab

The future IT wizards work here. The school has one large computer lab with 20 PC's. The state-of-art computer lab ensures that students grow with a keen understanding of technology.

Knowledge Update

We continuously encourage updating and expansion of knowledge. To this end, regular seminars, competitions,
Meetings and educational tours and visits are conducted for the staff as well as students.

Healthcare Center

The school provides a regular health service including first aid facilities and regular medical checkup of students and carries on regular de-worming.

Noida International Public School, Noida established in 1999, has constantly been progressing to achieve the desired excellence in implementation of teaching and learning practices.