“The road to success is not to be run upon seven league boots. Step by step little by little, bit by bit that is the way to wisdom and that is the way to glory.”

The seeds of Noida International Public School were sown 20 years back which after being nourished and nurtured by the unbound support of the parents as well as that of Management.

The objective of an ideal education is to banish the darkness of ignorance and to equip the students with the tools essential for earning their livelihood in the highly competitive world of today. On a higher perspective, the aim of education is also to create well adjusted and morally upright adults, who can successfully meet and rise above the challenges of life at the mental, spiritual, physical and emotional level. This is our target at Noida International Public School. We endeavor to exploit the full potentialities of our students by presenting them with relative opportunities and where faced with limitations teach them to accept the same and to make the most of what they have. In the process, they learn the purpose of life and to appreciate themselves as human beings.

“The school education plays a vital role in the student’s life during which the qualities related to attitude and aptitude are propagated into the budding minds” for this we are Noida International Public School believe with conviction that the entire education system needs radical changes at all levels and a more dynamic approach in order to explore the hidden potential and dimension human personality. We not only believe in academic growth of a child but take care of student’s physical, emotional, moral and cultural needs to enable them to lead a life of dignity and success.

This team is ready and prepared with a great deal of experience, ideas and energy! As your Principal I am excited for the opportunities that await each of us this year. I know we will meet this year head on and accomplish remarkable things in the way we always have – together as a community, as a family!

Thanks so much for all your help and support!  The 2019-2020 school year is going to be EXCITED!
Eager to start the wonderful year with you

Warmest Regards

Mrs. Buvana
Principal NIPS

Noida International Public School, Noida established in 1999, has constantly been progressing to achieve the desired excellence in implementation of teaching and learning practices.